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Search engine optimization in Cyprus with transparency and real results. Growing online and utilizing the potential of digital marketing. is today the starting point online, no matter where you are. Let's help you with SEO

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Profitable keywords

By strategically selecting relevant keywords, exposure and profitability are optimised.

Copywriting & Marketing

Effective, selling and value-creating content leads to more leads and conversions.

Focus on conversions

We are not interested in the amount of traffic to the website without the number of sales and created leads.

Continuous Optimization

Through effective measurement tools we can follow which pages, keywords, phrases, etc. that deliver results.

Follow-up & Reporting

We send out monthly reports that summarize rankings, traffic, conversions, keyword information and improvements.

Succeed on the net!

At SEO Cyprus we have keyword analysts, marketers, graphic designers, AdWords advertisers and copywriters. The whole arsenal to succeed on the net!

Local SEO in Cyprus

Search engine optimization in Cyprus can be done with local SEO which includes Google Business to appear in Google Maps and high in search results for geographic searches.

How much does SEO cost?

We offer fixed prices on search engine optimization. We work with full transparency. Contact us for a specific quote for your company from 700 euros.

What are the results of SEO?

We at SEO Cyprus do not work to reach only the top 10 results - but we are interested in top three, where 65% of the traffic goes. In addition, we focus on the number of leads and sales - not the amount of traffic!

The focus should always be on the number of leads, sales and profitability.

We at SEO Cyprus have many years of experience and excellence in search engine optimization in Cyprus and we help companies to enter traffic to the company's website to increase customer base and profitability. To succeed on the web and in search engines, it is important to know and optimize the website according to the search phrases that customers are searching for on Google. In addition, the website must be selling so that traffic is converted into sales and leads and not just traffic. We at SEO Cyprus dare to call us the best in SEO in Cyprus.

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Google SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization begins with an in-depth analysis of the company's market, current situation and competition on Google.

Development phase

The next step is to develop resources with pages, images, content, and above all, for Google to rank the page high.

On-Site Optimization

The next step is to make global changes so that search engine optimization will meet the algorithms Google uses.

Links and Strategy

Links are used by Google as recommendations and make a website authoritative. We develop a well-functioning linking strategy.